woensdag 20 februari 2013

de diva 107 quandary

for the diva( http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.nl/)
this week there was a new pattern named : Quandary.
I made this one first:

 but then I saw on facebook this line:
It's helpful to let go of the outcome of your piece, and set your intention on each pen stroke. By placing each mark on your page deliberately, you may find that zen like mood easier. Let go of creating "Art" and let the process be your focus.

and I thought... yes that is exactly bothers me the most in al of my work...
to much art and to litle zen....
so I tryed again and this is the outcome:
In al in all honesty I must say that this pattern is not giving me much Zen...
every time I start with it and its ok, but on the way I lose it and then I get all worked up and frustrated.
Its not good I no it but what can I do about it?

I think the first one is much more me but than ... that is what I CAN do and I will learn more to try to do it different.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Knitting your wait to quandary beauty! Genius! I love the second organic one too!

  2. Wat zijn ze allebei prachtig, Efie. Je hebt gelijk, wat meer 'zen' kunnen de meesten van ons wel gebruiken.

  3. WOW! Your first one is mind boggling and beautiful. I admire your attention to detail in both. They are lovely.

  4. Your knitting tile is just wonderful, love the detail and shading.

  5. Prachtig Efie, beide tekeningen. Mijn favoriet is echter de eerst, ik hou nu eenmaal ook heeeel veeeeel van breien. Dus combineren van beide hobbies is ultiem.
    Mijn complimenten.

  6. Well, I think they're lovely! (Though I agree about not finding a whole lot of zen in this pattern - I think I'm going to have to look harder!)
    Cheers, Kelley @ thepathuntangled.com

  7. They are both lovely but I do like the knitting!! So detailed.

  8. Oh, die tweede vind ik echt heel mooi gemaakt! Super!

  9. Both beautiful, but I do love the needles and knitting - and anything that looks stitched! Wonderful!

  10. WOW Efie Ik vind ze beiden prachtig, maar het breiwerkje vind ik echt een favoriet.
    Bijzonder CREATIEF !!!

  11. The first one is cool - love the choice of tangles which really "knit" together, but I actually like the second one - I like seeing how one tangle leads into the next and it's always unexpected.

  12. I love your work. The knitting tile is my favorite.