donderdag 28 november 2013

maanduitdaging voor de maand December

is het thema voor deze uitdaging

hierboven zie je afbeeldingen van labels; dat leek me wel handig in deze pakjestijd.( je mag natuurlijk ook een andere gebruiken)
Het idee is om deze label te versieren met de volgende patroontjes:( of met een ander lace like patroontje)

zodat ze een "lace" effect krijgen.
met andere woorden ;dat ze op een kantje gaan lijken.
ongeveer dit effect dus:

ik wens jullie nu alvast heel fijne feestdagen en veel plezier met de uitdaging!
en dit zijn mijn eigen uitwerkingen.

diva 146

and here is my entry for the diva from this week
it was hard to make an tile with those pattern.

maandag 25 november 2013

bright owl 81

this is my entry for the bright owl for this week.
as you can see...I could not do anything much with it.
a is what it is....

zaterdag 23 november 2013

Ben Kwoks Rhino

en hier is dan mijn rhino van Ben Kwok.
ik vind hem leuk en jij?

diva 145

this is what I made for the diva this week.
i have integraded the tangle Quib in this drawing...not realy zentangle...
its a zia

maandag 18 november 2013


een Ben Kwok look-a-like:

Ben Kwok voor de club.

een mandala van Ben Kwok voor de art-tangle-club
dit was het origineel:
en dit is wat ik er van gemaakt heb met gebruik van het pattern MR E
en dan met een beetje kleur:

vrijdag 15 november 2013

de diva 144

the diva said.........
Today's challenge is to take inspiration from the video!

Use colour to bring a  Zentangle tile to life!
Camouflage a bug somewhere in the tile. (i.e. a drawing of a bug, a bug-shaped tangle pattern, etc.) Create a tile inspired by nature!
Shade your tile using some colour!

and this is what I made of it.
there are bugs and there is color.
Am i happy? 
what do you think?

the stucture comes from the card...I think it ugly!

mandril van Ben Kwok

en hier is mijn mandril:

woensdag 6 november 2013

tbo 79

this is my creation for the bright owl this week.
dedicated to Rick Roberts and MariaThomas who have invented zentangle.
thank you ,thank you ,thank you.
I think I cant live without it any more.
I like to tank also all of my zentangle friend for wrtiting there coments at my creations.
thank you all!

de diva 143

the beginning of the month and so its UMT time:

 'Cruze', van Caren Mlot 

i like it but its difficult! this is my creation but I am going to practise this tangle a lot more

dinsdag 5 november 2013

Z- inpirations no 5 FRIENDLINESS.


is the word that Dilip Patel giving us this time to think about and make a zia about.

there is a phrase:
frienliness is an hard thing to give away...
it almost every time comes back to you.

and that a realy true thing...
I have told you that my mother is demented and she lives in a home for  dementend elderly.
and people ,in there dementia sometimes get nicer or unkind or sometimes even almost  nasty!

they all have a place to sit  on the diner table and they always sit on the same place because otherwise they get confused.
and at my mothers table there is a lady and sometimes(most of the times) she is quite nasty.
she teases my mother....nasty little things like going to sit on her place immediately after my mother stands up.
and she then dont want to leave.
my mother get upset and sad and that makes my sad also.
 you get out of my story that I do not like that woman very much...and therefore I never am very nice to her....
but I do not like beeing unfriendly and so I thought to myself...lets try it some other way.
I made it an effort to be very nice and friendly to her and smile at her and....
I immediatly get a respond....
she smiled back at me and said:
dear child have dimples in your cheeks if you smile!!
oh please give me one of those???
I always wanted to have them!
and then I realized what a little friendlyness could do.
she was not the nasty witch that I always saw in her but a confused old lady that sometimes not knows what she's doing.

my zia is the sign for friendlyness
and I will dedicate it to al my new zentangle friends!
And I will again take this uppertunitie to tell you about this callenge from Dilip Patel  and his wunderfull site.
please take a look and participate on this callenge .
I gives you the chance to think about a word and what it means in your life
please visite his site:

art-tangle-club no 100 !!!!!!!

de honderdste uitdaging van onze club!
ik heb me niet helemaal aan de uitdaging gehouden deze keer.
in de eerste plaats omdat ik niet van strings houd en ook omdat ik dit wilde maken.
link naar de club: