dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

mindfullness and gratitude

If you ask me : name a mindfull person?
I always think of my eldest daughter .I think she is a beautyful person.
she always thinks of those little thinks, to please a person;
a little card when your down.
a sms to cheer you up.
sometimes she gives a little dinner and  my husband gets things without cheese.
my brother gets things without tomato.
my other son in law get food without mushrooms.
and all those thing she does without saying it and nobody notice it, except the person concerned.

sometimes I envy this kind of mindfullness.
she remembers things like: when you have  go to a doctor or something like that.
I often think only of those things when it's too late.
than I think: I should have remembered.
she always does.

therefore I am very grateful that I  was able to help her when she needed me.

she was pregnant from there second baby and the baby-echo showed some deviations.
for a fortnight they were very worried ( and we also)
everything worked out well but after that she could not sleep any more.
the baby was ok that she knew but still she was worried.
she had 20 weeks to go untill the baby was coming.

so she came to me and we talked and talked for many hours and days until she could cope again.
I am so very very gratefull that I could!
I hoped I could but you Never Knows,
but it worked out and now we have a beautiful granddaughter next to the grandson we already had.
so I am full,full of gratitude!
this is my zia:

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja Efie, dat is een prachtig mens. wat een zegen dat we dergelijke mensen kennen!
    Je zia vind ik erg mooi. Goed gekozen tangles en een mooie vorm.

    Yes Efie, that a beautiful person. What a blessing that we know people liek that.
    I like yiur zia, well chosen tangles and the total shape is great.

  2. Efie, what a touching story! God bless your daughter, and her lovely offspring. And great Zia indeed. I am looking for such genuine quality inputs, both in stories, and in zentangles/Zias. Thank you.