dinsdag 17 september 2013

Z-inspiration 4 trust


this is the adres were you can find the chalange from Dilip Patel
the theme of this time was
and here is my zia
and here is the story that belongs with the zia:

When I think of trust I must immidiatly think of my daughter  this spring.
As a told You before ,she was pregnant from here second child.
And than you can let make a echo in Holland we call it pret-echo
Fun- echo is the translation.
So she did and it was nice , I could come along and I enjoyed it but….
A day later the midwife called her that there was something wrong and she had to come in …
Well, there was a day or 4-5 with many worries and grief but it went out ok and the baby was fine.
(Later on we got a great grand-daughter)
But al of that worrying did take a great inpact on my daughter , she could not sleep any more and made herself crazy with here own thinking.
She could not stop thinking  and thought she went crazy.
After 4 days of this, it could not go any verder.

That night my son in law called me up and asked if he could bring his wife to me ,here mother, because he thought that I was the only one that could help here.

So much trust he had in me that he would bring his wife back to her mother!
(And that with his history of an ex he lost on his then mother in law )
A boy that I now now for…3-4 years had so much trust in me !
I feel very humble and also proud and greatfull so many things at ones.
and yes, I could help her and al went well and she is fine now and she had a great baby daughter, next to the great son they had already.

I hope you can understand my english its difficult to write what you think in an other language.

oh and Dilip...
for me, they belong together.
the valuable thing about you callenge is to think about the word and what it means to my.
and then make the zia that belongs with it.

the pattern that I used :
slurp and soup bowls

and yes... this part ( the "mandatory"pattern ) I could do without :)

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  1. Je zia is erg mooi en vol betekenis. Ik ben onder de indruk.
    Inderdaad kreeg je veel vertrouwen Efie, heerlijk is dat!