donderdag 10 oktober 2013

de diva 139

this is my entry for the diva 139.
it was a Umt callenge and this time it was" 8s parte dos from Jane Eileen."
never did it before and I LOVE this tangle!!
love ,love love it!!!
thanks Jane Eileen! for making this and I wil use tis one a lot! You will see!

oh and I will use this opportunitie to tell you about the callenge from Dilip Patel.
this a very great callenge! not only to make some thing beautyfull but to think about what you make and why.
he will give you a word to think about gratefullness ore mindfullness and you make a tangle with a meaning .
and than you can tell a story why you made this dont have can!
please take a look! I think it's such a shame that no one participates.
it's such a lovely idea.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. wow I like them both and thanks for sharing the new challenge spot to check out

  2. Your interpretation of this has a mechanical quality to it. I like it.

  3. Both are gorgeous! I like your interpretation of 8´s Parte Dos!

  4. Wat heb je die tangle goed onder de knei, heel goed geworden.
    Mooi die opriep voor Z-inspiration, hoop dat het wat oplevert. ik denk dat je gelijk hebt over doe 'Linky machine' maar misschien is een andere reden dat je nooit weet wanner de volgende komt; ik heb dat ook aan Dilip geschreven.

  5. Leuke combinaties van tangles en zoals Annemarie al zegt wat beheers je de tangle al goed.
    Hij is heel lastig maar je hebt er mooi werk mee gemaakt.