woensdag 29 januari 2014

art-tangle-club 113 leonie

dit is mijn bijdrage voor de opdracht Leonie.
En hiermee voel ik me helemaal in mn element
hij is op a4 formaat en op mooi dik papier ( echt iets om cadeau te doen)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Efie, I just needed to say that your work is amazing. You have inspired me when I do my work. Can you tell me about the art tangle club and where I can find them?

    1. I am not sure how this translates on your end, but it didn't look good on my end. Your work is amazing.

    2. This is were you can find our club. But it is a dutch club tho....dat does not mean you cant go there we wil be happy to speak englisch to you but al of the callenges are in dutch.