zaterdag 20 juli 2013


Dilip Patel opent a new callengeblog
to tangle on a word.
the word of this week was :
the first thing that came to mind (after my parents of course)
is Wayne Dyer.
the book "your sacred self"changed my hole life.
when I read it it was like every word of it I already new!
and from there on I try to live such as it is intended to.
 open your mind to everything around you.
in the knowledge that we are here to learn and that we do not live
 for ourselves but to help others learn and see
I am very greatfull that he showend me the way.
and this is for him:

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat ontzettend mooi Efie! Een heel indringende tile.
    Dank voor je verhaal, altijd mooi om te weten van elkaar.

  2. Efie, thank you for responding to z-inspiration. Welcome aboard. Expressions of gratitude coming from different points of view, and different angles is very interesting. It will expand our horizons for all who read these expressions. Your zentangle too is very beautiful. Keep coming back to the z-inspiration. The next value word is MINDFUL. Hope to see your thoughts and zentangle on this theme too.